Do you feel that something is holding you back in life? Are there dreams and ambitions that you long to fulfil, yet the years have passed and none of them have been achieved? Perhaps you were once told that you didn’t “have what it takes” to succeed in your goals and that your dreams were unrealistic and would never come true. Those negative comments can very easily replay over and over in our minds, implanted there by someone else but watered regularly by our own thoughts and thus kept very much alive.


The tragedy of never attempting, let alone achieving, your goals is that the inner voice within you becomes louder and more negative. It becomes more resentful and critical. Whenever someone praises us or compliments us, it can be hard to believe their sincerity, simply because our negative inner voice has become an ingrained habit – it has become the dominant provider of opinions we hear about ourselves and how we feel about ourselves.


It is imperative, therefore, to move beyond that negative inner voice and tune it out by replacing it with not only positive thoughts about ourselves but positive actions too.


Step 1 Do It Anyway

Do you love to dance, or write or paint? Well, do it! Action is a great antidote to that negative inner voice. Do what you love to do regardless of that negative voice you hear – life is really too short to let negativity stop you from doing so.


Step 2 Begin With Small Steps

Perhaps you love to paint and wish to have your own art exhibition. It can seem like an enormous, daunting task – something your negative inner voice is happy to remind you. This isn’t the case if you break everything down into smaller, more manageable steps. As long as you are doing what you love, you will keep going.


Step 3 Focus On Your Big Plan

Whenever you feel discouraged by your negative inner voice, think about your big plan and what you aim to achieve. Keep working in small steps and monitor your progress and congratulate yourself on each step you accomplish.


Step 4 Tell The Negative Voice To Shut Up

While you follow the first 3 steps, your negative inner voice will still be active. Simply continue with your goal but firmly tell your negative inner voice to shut up. Refuse to be an audience to your inner critic. Replace it positive thoughts and affirmations or think about something else connected to your goal. For example, do you need to buy more paint or brushes? What type of canvas do you need? Have you visited art galleries in your town? Keep moving forward with your plans.


Step 5 Become Your Greatest Supporter

It takes practice to tune out your negative inner voice but it’s certainly worth pursuing. By replacing the negative thoughts and comments with positive ones, you will not only find it easier to fulfill your ambitions, but you will increase your confidence in all aspects of your life. You must remember that you are far too important to let your dreams and goals gather dust. Don’t wait to begin your goals until you have silenced your inner voice. Start now. There is grace in action – it is often enough by itself to tune out your negative inner voice.

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